About Us Partners

  • Siemens supplies robust, reliable, European automation and drives equipment
  • Globetech is a certified Siemens Solution Partner

  • Bronx International is a steel process line OEM and technology specialist
  • Globetech is a preferred automation partner of Bronx International
  • Bronx and Globetech are working closely together in the steel and aluminium coating market

 Electrical Maintenance and Manufacture (EM&M)

  • EM&M is a well respected, Australian electrical panel manufacturer
  • EM&M are Globetech's first choice for panel manufacture in Australia


  • Neaves Electrical specialises in electrical construction projects
  • Globetech and Neaves Electrical work as a design/construct team in Australia


  • Schildknecht is a German wireless communication technology supplier
  • Data Eagle modems solve many I/O communication problems that cannot be solved using a cable solution

  • German, high-speed data acquisition equipment and analysis software
  • IBA's S7 Analyser is the perfect system analysis partner to any Siemens S7 automated plant